No matter how much you secure yourself online, one day you will fall in a hacker’s trap. The whole point of securing is to protect ourselves as much as we can, but the most important is to minimize the losses if something like that happens. Each they new ways for hacking are discovered, but the softwares are also upgrading.

Updating doesn’t mean better security

The idea of updating, doesn’t matter if its browser, mailbox, os, app etc.. is to upgrade the security and at the same time to get access to the new features. This is not always the case. I have seen many times (I have done this also on my softwares), after updating the software old security holes are filled, but new security holes are opened. When the company is bigger, they fix these problems very fast, but you should keep this in your mind.

Of course, this does not mean “Do not update your software”. I suggest before updating, read what are the new features and if there are security updates. Find out if upgrading is beneficial.


Before I explain you what 2FA is, I will tell you how I got hacked while using 2FA. I won’t say software names, because I am not 100% sure that this is the software who caused me this problem. Long story short, I was using software that helped me manage my social medias, I logged with my main mail there, but I was confident, because I was using 2FA already at the moment. Around a month later I was hacked, this attack costed me around 200-230leva. It would be much more, so I am thankful.

Why this happend?
The problem in most softwares is the checkbox “Save me to this device”. This means that next time the software won’t ask for the 2FA code, and they already have your details for successful login. Amateur mistake by me, but I pay for it.

What is 2FA
I will explain it as simple as possible. When you enter in website for example where your details is required, when you enter the details for login, you receive SMS or you should enter in Authenticator App on your phone. There you will receive a code you should enter in the website so the login can be successfully done. Without this code, doesn’t matter if the hacker knows your password, he could not login. If the hacker does not have access to your phone, you are safe.

What is Authenticator App?
This is an app that generates a code in intervals. There you can add multiple websites where you use 2FA. Each app has different code (this code is changing every 15-60seconds). I use Google Authenticator.