What is phishing attack?
Example: You receive email. The title of the email is “Your card is blocked”. It’s normal behavior to open the email, so you can see what’s going on. At the end of the message you see a button saying “Log in your bank to unlock your card”. You click on the button and fill the form. 10 minutes later you have no funds in your card

What happened actually?
This is phishing email. The button you clicked is not redirecting you to your bank, but to a cloning website. The website looks absolutely the same as your bank’s website. You have entered the credentials and that’s what the hacker needs. After he wake up from his nap, he log in your bank with your credentials and transfer them all to their bank account. If advanced hackers are doing this, they will probably have automatic software doing this for them, so you will lose all your money in just a second.

How to protect yourself?

Above is just an example. The topic of the email might be something completely different. There are 2 sure ways to protect yourself.

Method 1: Check who sent you this message. If you are waiting for an email from “TestovaBanka“, the email will be something like “office@testovabanka.com“. Most “hackers” will use email like “12xh1238yhds@asdjahdj2d.com“. If sender email looks like this, it’s obvious that something is wrong and this is not the official email of “TestovaBanka“. You can also receive email from something like “office@testvabanka.com” – misspelled name which is harder to detect. Always do your research. If you fall into this trap, Method 2 will save you.

Method 2: If somehow you fall in the trap, check the URL. Check if the url is the same as your bank’s url. Always do your research.

Better do not click on the links

Better visit the website yourself. If you have received an email (phishing or not) from itsvalentin.com, for example and you didn’t click on the links included in the message and visit the website yourself, there is no way to be scammed. (Of course, if the hacker is connected to your network IT IS POSSIBLE, but this is an idea for another article)

So, if you have doubts, visit the website yourself without clicking on links or download any fails. That’s the best method to save yourself from being hacked. Always do your own research.


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